Monday, March 12, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recipe Cards and Tutorial

By Creative Team Member, Katherine Lent

If you're a fan of Saxon's then you'll notice that Saxon loves theme kits!

One of my favorite themes are the food and cooking kits she has done. 
Over the years I have made lots of recipe cards with them.

Browse through our recipe card collection, here
and start making your own. Here's how!

Continued below...

For Photoshop users:

Set up an new custom preset with 6" x4" measurements.


Use the 12x12 preset, and resize to 6x4 when done with the card LO. 

Be inspired by one of Saxon's kit and choose your recipe.
Copy and paste the text making sure that you have the ingredients list 
and the instructions. If the instructions are too long you'll want to edit 
or make it a two-card set. 

Upload a photo of your dish or search online for something similar 
First edit the image if needed and 'up' those pixels to 300 
and place on your card. 
*IMAGE> Image Size> Resolution, 300

Choose a FONT for the title that best expresses the dish 
and choose a second one for the text of the recipe that is easy to read. 

Add a background paper that is not too busy. 
*If you have used a 6x4 size document, scale the background paper to fit. 
*EDIT> Transform> Scale, change the 100% numbers to 50%, 
Apply, and drag and resize as needed. 

Try changing the opacity settings if adjustments need 
to be made to a favorite paper. 
*Opacity slider on the layers palette.
Or try adjusting the color for a customized paper by going to 
IMAGE> Adjustments >Variations. (add a layer of white underneath it!)

Add a frame on the photograph or create your own STROKE.
Layer some elements and save.

If you used the 12x12 size now resize to 6x4. 
*IMAGE> Image Size > Document Size, 6x4

Save as a high quality jpg and print or send to your favorite lab. 
Keep your recipes in any 4x6 photo album. 
Great to take to the grocery store since all the ingredients are 
listed for all your favorite recipes!
Make one for meals, side, desserts, even appetizers!

Have fun!!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Valentines, Hunny Bears and She Gots Me in Stitches!! Yup, that's Saxon!

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