Monday, November 3, 2008

A new challenge! "Book of Me" monthly Challenge by Saxon Holt & Miki Ferkul at SBE!

You've made a book for your children, you've made a book for your grandchildren,
you've made several books for neighbors and even made one for the loss of your pet...isn't it about time you made a book for yourself?
Introducing - the BOOK OF ME challenge.

Yes, that's right.... Miki Ferkul and Saxon Holt challenge you to make just ONE page a month about yourself. Come on and join us, you're WORTH scrapping about!

For the month of November 2008, our Book of Me Challenge focuses on:
"Once I was a baby......"

Some layout or journaling prompts might include:

• your birth stats ~ date, time, location, height, weight
• your full name ~ what does your name mean? was it chosen specially for you?
• your parents names, photos of them holding you
& you and your siblings ~ pix and anecdotes
• a favorite poem, quote or song that your mother quoted or sang to you
• a collage of your life as a baby
• a list of firsts and milestones in your babyhood - smiling, laughing, first words, bath, sitting up, standing, walking
• funny things that made *you* the special baby that you were
• a focus on a special relationship and how that person cared for you as a baby
• a more formal arrangement of baby photos of you throughout your first year
• a very clean, graphic layout- take one pic and blend it into your background for visual impact!

We can't WAIT to see what you all come up with this month!

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