Saturday, November 19, 2011

And the Winner is... A Tie??!!

And the WINNER(s) of the custom kit ... I couldn't pick just ONE gal, so I will be doing 3 custom kits! 

Teri - A custom Southwest kit.
Cari - a custom GROWN-UP Firefighter kit.
Kimberly - a custom kit around cancer and including some special things just for prostate cancer in honor of Kimberly's Dad.

Ladies, please email me your email addresses and I will start working on these this week. A special note for those who didn't win.... I have stashed the ideas and you will probably be seeing those themes in my shop soon! :)

  • Teri Morris Cleaveland We like the Southwest flavor! Lizards, cactus, Kokopellis in wonderful browns, tans, teal and purple!

    Cari Becker awesome idea, to offer a custom made kit! I "second" the colorguard/marching band idea. Also I would LOVE to see a firefighter kit that is geared towards adults. My husband is a career firefighter, and also on two volunteer depts and EMS as well. We have lots of pics of him and our daughters on the trucks and at the stations. Haven't seen many "grown-up" looking kits in digi scrapping (and none at MMS that I know of) Thanks for the opportunity!

    Kimberly Gray-Joyce I have been really wanting a kit that represents prostate cancer. That is what my daddy died of. It would totally mean the world to me. Thanks for giving me a chance to win. : )

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