Sunday, January 15, 2012

SPECIAL TREAT! Robots with Bryan Ballinger

 We have a real treat this week!!

Saxon has worked with the famous illustrator, Bryan Ballinger 
(he's done illustrations on Where the Wild Things Are,
Veggie Tales, Nintendo and Scholastic
For a limited release only kit, here are 'Bryan's Bots'. 

Robots have become part of the fabric of everyday life - 
think of all the things you could scrap with this kit. 

From Buck Rogers to The Iron Giant and Zathura, this kit can do them all. 
Perhaps you are a fan of Star Trek and Astro Boy, or maybe Wall-e or the movie Robots. 

How about scrapping that trip to see a factory with a robot assembly-line? 
No doubt about it, robots are here to stay!

LO's from the Crew

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